Adult Intensive Care Unit

Adult Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care Units are life support units in which the vital functions of the patient are monitored with monitors for 24 hours in case of life-threatening serious health problems, supported by artificial respirators when necessary, and high-tech devices that enable immediate intervention in sudden cardiac arrests are used by experienced hands.

In our hospital, there are neonatal intensive care units in the multi-purpose adult intensive care unit and pediatric service.

Intensive care service is provided for patients who require close follow-up after major surgery, patients had accident and similar trauma, patients with cerebral hemorrhage, severe poisoning, severe heart and respiratory failure, sudden strokes, patients with serious infections, and any coma that impairs or is expected to impair vital functions.

While our unit provides service with its highly experienced team, it also receives medical support with consultations of all branch transplants. With the priority, fast and reliable contributions of radiology and laboratory, it serves our patients on the thin line between life and death at all hours of the day.

There is a Dialysis Bed in a private room in our unit. Dialysis patients can receive uninterrupted treatment without moving during their treatment.