Mission, Vision, and Quality Policy

Our mission

In our hospital, with professional staff who are experts in their field, with the latest technological devices and infrastructure equipment, to offer the service quality in international quality standards, depending on ethical values, to a large part of the society in economic conditions.

Our vision

To be a health institution that is respected by everyone in the health sector, by constantly improving the health service that we offer at international quality standards, with our medical staff and competent employees who attach importance to ethical values.

Our quality policy

  • To provide service focused on patient and employee satisfaction.
  • To continue its work as an institution that provides services in accordance with international standards in the field of health by using the information and technology required by the age.
  • To promote and implement continuing education.
  • Monitoring indicators and improving processes with evidence-based data tracking.
  • To maintain a service approach focused on patient and employee safety.
  • To observe the rights of patients and to be the leading institution in the resolution of complaints.
  • Aiming to protect patient information confidentiality and privacy in all areas.
  • To provide international quality service in accordance with ethical rules.
  • To increase the environmental awareness of our employees.
  • To use hospital resources effectively and to increase process efficiency.
  • To provide quality service to the broad segment of the society.