In our Child Health and Diseases Center, our children receive preventive and curative health services with the warm and affectionate examinations of our pediatricians, completely away from the fear of hospitals and doctors. Our specialist doctors regularly vaccinate our children, who are our future, and raise awareness of parents about infant and childcare.

Our Child Health Center provides medical services with a multidisciplinary approach with its experienced physician staff in different fields of diagnosis and treatment. Our team consists of specialists in Pediatrics, Neonatology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Endocrinology, Pediatric Surgery and Pediatric Psychology.


The follow-up of newborn babies and the treatment of their diseases are carried out by our Neonatal Intensive Care specialist doctors and nurses. Diagnosis and treatment is carried out for neonatal respiratory distress, congenital pneumonia, neonatal aspiration syndrome, bacterial neonatal sepsis, neonatal convulsions, transient neonatal carbohydrate mechanism disorders, neonatal jaundice and neonatal nutritional disorders. Incubators are the basic elements of our unit. Babies are warmed and kept in a humid environment, just like in the womb. They are protected against infections. Ventilators, on the other hand, provide respiratory support for babies born with immature lungs, giving them a chance to live. In our newborn intensive care unit, your baby is in safe hands.

Other Units Affiliated to Our Child Health Center