Brain and Nerve Surgery

Brain and Nerve Surgery

In our Brain and Nerve Surgery unit, lumbar hernia, neck hernia, spinal infections and lumbar stenosis surgeries are performed under the microscope or with the help of endoscopy with camera systems by entering through a small incision with minimally invasive spinal surgery method.

Nucle-oplasty surgery with laser method is applied in waist and neck hernia surgeries. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia under continuous C-arm imaging under operating room conditions.

Posterior instrumentation and fusion surgeries are performed by entering from the back of the waist in spine fractures due to traffic accidents, falling from a height or osteoporosis, and spinal cord injuries in cases where the stability of the spine is impaired.

Brain and Nerve Surgery Department Diagnosis and Treatment Areas:

  • Brain and spinal cord surgery
  • Lumbar hernia surgeries
  • Neck hernia surgeries
  • Spine surgery
  • Head trauma, brain hemorrhage surgeries
  • When necessary, post-operative intensive care services are provided with great care and meticulousness.