Immune System and Covid-19 Check Up Package

Check Your Immune System and Covid-19 Status with the Check-Up Package We Have Prepared. ✔️

With the tests to be done, you can learn how ready you are for infections and how strong your immunity is by revealing the state of tissue and organ functions, as well as whether the cellular and humoral (depending on antibodies) immune responses in the immune system are in place.

Content of Immune System and Covid-19 Check-Up Package:

Internal Diseas.ALTHBsAg
HemogramASTAnti Hbs
B12 VitaminGGTAnti HAV-IgG
D VitaminAKŞAnti HCV
MagnesiumCreatinineIg A
CalciumFolic AcidIg G
IronT. CholesterolIg M
FerritinTriglycerideCOVID-19 Antibody Test