General Intensive Care

Due to the fact that the immune system of our patients in intensive care units is weaker than other patients, there are separate visiting rules in these departments. Our common goal is for our patients to get the best treatment and leave our hospital in a healthy way. For this reason, rules have been determined to protect our patients and prevent hospital infections during the visit. In order to help us and your patient, please pay attention to the following issues.

  1. Informing the relatives of the patients by the physician and seeing the patients by the relatives of the patients every day: starts at 11.00, and considering the suitability of the intensive care unit, visits and briefings are made at the bedside for a short time.
  2. The duration may vary depending on the patient’s condition with the decision of the physician/nurse. Please comply with the warnings of the health personnel on this matter. In case of a possible emergency intervention in the intensive care unit, patient visits are not allowed.
  3. Please turn off your mobile phones when entering the intensive care unit. It is forbidden to talk on the phone and take photos in the intensive care unit.
  4. Before entering the Intensive Care Unit, make sure to disinfect your hands with the hand disinfectant at the entrance of the door. Use the protective equipment that our staff will provide you when necessary. Do not kiss patients, do not sit on their beds. Maintain your social distance and avoid contact with patients.
  5. Only first-degree relatives of intensive care patients and those who are allowed to visit by them can visit the patient. Visit is limited to only 2 (two) people
  6. Be advised that the identity check will be done while being taken to the visit.
  7. It is only the physician’s authority to provide information about your patient, other intensive care personnel are not authorized to provide information, please do not try to get information from them.
  8. If a negative situation develops in the patient, you will only be informed by our physician.
  9. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to visit the patient. This is primarily necessary for their health.
  10. You can use the waiting areas in front of the intensive care unit until your visit.
  11. Do not forget that all the measures taken are for the health and safety of the patient.

Our General Intensive Care Visiting Hours:

Weekdays: 11:00 Saturday: 11:00

There will be no visits or information on Sundays and holidays. In case of an unexpected negative situation in the patient, the relatives of the patient are informed by contacting the phone numbers registered in the system.

Thank you for your understanding.